Accurate Player Vidispine Edition

Accurate Player Vidispine Edition is designed specifically for collaborative video quality assurance, with seamless integration to the Vidispine API-based Media Asset Management platform.

Deliver with confidence

Deliver with confidence

For broadcasters, post-production, video service providers & content providers. Ensure quality, compliance, and playability of audio and video before delivery.

Built on Accurate Player

Built on the Accurate Player framework, providing all the core features like frame accurate playback of content across all browsers, platforms, frame rates and supported formats.

  • Support for all frame rates, SMTPE timecodes, timecode offset & drop frame timecodes.
  • Cross-browser & platform compatibility.
  • Featuring a rich API designed for broadcast & post-production.
Built on Accurate Player
Empowered by metadata

Empowered by metadata

Designed around a zoomable and interactive timeline showing all available components & metadata, allowing QC operators to quickly pan back and forth to find content easily.

  • Visual representation of frame-precise, time-coded metadata showing markers, thumbnails and waveforms.
  • Flexible and dynamic - configure what metadata to show, either manual or automatic.
  • Ingest and visualize metadata from third-party applications such as QC markers from Tektronix Aurora or Interra Systems' BATON.

Advanced audio features

Featuring multiple advanced audio features allowing quality control of audio, for example in accordance with EBU R 128.

Support for multiple simultaneous discrete or muxed audio tracks.

Control and play specific channels for mono, stereo, 5.1, 7.1 and more.

Quickly see audio loudness levels from waveforms in timeline.

Live audio boom meters for checking audio threshold levels.

Manual and automatic language metadata tagging.

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Subtitles & closed captions

Subtitles & closed captions

  • Compare and review lines from different subtitle or closed captions tracks.
  • Correct typing mistakes and frame timings with live editing of subtitle metadata.
  • Preview position, color, font and outline for an accurate representation before transmission.
  • Import and export subtitles from many different available formats.


  • Easily create subclips such as promo materials or reels from assets, with support for transitions and black frames.
  • Render sequences as new assets through transcode or wrap in new container.
  • Create subclips from markers and bulk export to multiple new assets with configurable settings.
Annotations & markers

Annotations & markers

  • Quickly annotate and create markers for your content for logging or compliance editing.
  • Define customized metadata schemas for specialized content such as sports and live.
  • Quickly set in and out frame using configurable hotkeys.
  • Categorize, search and manage thousands of markers easily.
  • Import and export markers as JSON, XML, CSV or EDL.
  • Create subclips directly from manual or automatic markers.

Vidispine & Vidinet

Deeply integrated with the API-based Media Asset Management Platform Vidispine, Accurate Player Vidispine Edition is designed to take full advantage of its powerful features for content management and scalability. Available as well as an addon to the Vidinet cloud service.


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