New face on the web

We're starting the year off strong with a new and completely redesigned homepage. This is only the first update, and we'll gradually roll out more updates during the coming months. A few of the big improvements over the old homepage:

  • Better overview of our two different player products. Accurate Player, our HLS/DASH-player, and Accurate Player Vidispine Edition, our collaborative QC and review player for the Vidispine platform.
  • Easier to see our upcoming events, where we are exhibiting and showcasing our products. Quick and easy sign up form to schedule a meeting with us.
  • News-archive with regular updates on what's happening from us.

We hope you'll like the new redesign!

Our products

Accurate Player

Accurate Player is our HTML5 player focused on broadcast and post-production workflows. Native frame accurate HTML5 DASH & HLS, with lots of advanced features, including a rich API allowing you to customize and integrate it with any application or workflow. It can be tailored to fit into any workflows, whether it be quality control, preview or review of assets, localization, or distribution.

Accurate Player Vidispine Edition

Accurate Player Vidispine Edition, is an extension of Accurate Player, with advanced components and UI elements built around collaborative video review and quality assurance. Tightly integrated with the Vidispine MAM platform, it's a trusted solution used today by many of the largest global broadcast and post-production studios. Review and quality assurance are two key features, ensuring your content is of the highest quality before delivery. Designed specifically around collaborative workflows, for studios with physical locations all around the globe.

Contact us if you're interested in learning more about Accurate Player!

Upcoming events

A quick overview of the coming events where we have representatives in place and where you can see Accurate Player in action.

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