Accurate Player

The HTML5 frame accurate player for broadcasting, post production and media professionals.

Accurate Player is a broadcast quality HTML5 frame accurate media player, designed to seamlessly interface with your workflow or MAM system. No browser plugin or installation is required.

html5-frameaccurate playback

Frame accurate playback

Using cutting edge HTML5 APIs the player supports frame accurate playback across all major browsers. Seek to a specific frame or timecode, step frame by frame or change the playback rate, the player will ensure the frame is accurate. Drop frame support is included for all frame rates.

  • Seek to specific SMPTE timecode, frame, millisecond or second
  • Change playback rate (negative or positive)
  • Load multiple items from Vidispine MAM simultaneously
  • Supports drop frame timecodes for all frame rates
html5-audiowave visibility

Multiple audio tracks

Load multiple items from Vidispine and play multiple audio tracks simultaenously, analyse audio levels of tracks using the timeline.

  • Play one or more muxed audio tracks simultaneously
  • Load discrete audio tracks from separate items into timeline
  • Show audio loudness waveform images for all audio tracks, analyzed by Vidispine
  • Control and play specific channels per discrete audio track

Hello Bonjour Hola Guten Tag Namaste Konichiwa


Display multiple subtitle tracks in the player simultaneously. Compare & review languages, with live editing of subtitle metadata. Change position, color, font or outline with live changes in the player. Subtitles are saved as time-coded Vidispine metadata, making sure every change is saved. Keep subtitles as separate Vidispine items, or save them to any item of choice. Easy to use GUI for importing subtitles into Vidispine.

  • Create & edit subtitle cues, change position/color/font/outline
  • Changes to subtitles are immediately shown on video and saved to Vidispine
  • Easily import & export subtitles from Vidispine
html5-subclipping possibility


Easily create subclips from items, with support for separate audio and video tracks to create new items in Vidispine. Add transitions between subclips, or insert blacks using an easy to use draggable GUI.

  • Create new items in Vidispine from subclips of other items
  • Select among muxed audio tracks, or choose discrete audio from other items for subclips
  • Create transitions between subclips such as Fade In or Fade Out
  • Insert black frames between subclips

Thumbnails & posters

Create high-resoultion posters from original or video proxy. See thumbnails of the video in the timeline, allowing seeking to a specific scene or segment.

  • Create high-resolution posters at specific frames/timecodes
  • Display low-resolution thumbnails in timeline for current video
  • Seek to the specific scene represented by the frame or timecode of a thumbnail
html5-annotation support

Full annotation support

The player has full annotation support with tracks & markers, saved as time-coded Vidispine metadata.

  • Create your custom metadata schema for markers and events
  • Create unlimited amount of tracks, saved as non timecoded Vidispine metadata
  • For each track, create an unlimited amount of markers/events saved to Vidispine as timecoded metadata
  • Live logging feature to quickly create markers for key events in a video
  • Sort, filter and search among a large library of tracks and markers

Cross browser support

All major browsers are supported with a responsive design that scales to fit across all screen sizes. Easily create new views with specific features of the player enabled, for example a slimmed down mobile view or a minimized full-screen version.

Chrome Check
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Safari Check
Edge Check

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