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The html5 frame accurate player

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Accurate Player is a HTML5 frame accurate player designed for broadcast, post-production and media professionals. Designed for seamless integration with your video platform, application or MAM.


Native frame accurate html5 playback

Play your content with frame accuracy natively in HTML5, without any browser plugins. Support for all frame rates and SMPTE timecodes.

Progressive download or adaptive streaming

Deliver your content through progressive download or adaptive streaming technologies such as MPEG-DASH and HLS.

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Integrate with your video tools

Designed for seamless integration with existing video tools and systems such as MAM’s, transcoders, databases, QC engines & ingest systems. Use the player’s rich API-based infrastructure to build custom integrations & plugins.

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From Disney+, to Marvel leaving Netflix, to Hulu expanding and going global - not to mention Apple’s upcoming ‘Netflix killer’, or even WarnerMedia or NBCUniversal’s future standalone services, the big question is, will these new unbundled customer-direct platforms beat Netflix and Amazon Video at their own game, or ultimately present a loss leader for these brands?

IBC 2019: What Top Broadcasters are All Calling For

2019 was a particularly big event for us, launching our new product suite Accurate Video: world-class video software for a better, faster and more cost-effective media supply chain.

Leveraging the cloud and microservices architecture for quick wins in your media supply chain

At the tech conference next week in Stockholm, our CEO Jonas Sandberg will give a talk about how Accurate Player can be used for metadata extraction and enrichment for quality control and compliance. In this article, we explore conceptual themes around streamlining manual metadata using the power of ML/AI in the cloud.

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